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Pressure Seal Bonnet Globe Valve

OS&Y, Rising stem, Plug Disc
Pressure sealing bonnet, threaded or welded seating
ASTM A216 WCB, A217 WC6, A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351 CF3, A351 CF3M, A351 CN7M
Standards compliance 
Design and Manufacture: ANSI B16.34, BS1873
Face to face(end to end): ANSI B16.10
Flanged connection: ANSI B16.5
Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25
Test and inspection: API 598.
A. Back up ring: Absorbs thrust applied by internal pressure
B. Thrust ring: Protects the soft metallic gasket from deformation
C. Gasket: Unique angular design provides superior sealing

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